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Krav Maga

Are you Ready?

Group Lessons Mondays and Thursdays

Private lessons upon request

Braveheart Krav Maga (located in Patrick's road state school, North Brisbane) specialises in teaching this intuitive and adaptable self defence system. As an official International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) club, we have a structured, graduated program which results in highly effective real-life scenario-based training.

If you want to train hard, get fit and be motivated by like-minded people then we are for you! Learn how to defend yourself successfully against strikes, chokes, bear hugs, weapon attacks, multiple opponents and much more!

Private Lessons available on request                                      Flexible training program- Perfect for shift workers!

Adult Classes Mondays & Thursdays 6:00-8:00pm 

Kids Classes :

Mondays: 5:30-6:15pm- Beginners

Mondays: 6:15-7pm- Intermediate

Thursdays: 6-6:45pm- Mixed beginners/intermediate


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