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Krav Maga

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Photo Gallery

kids kids My favourite part Getting high 5?s from the kids during and after each class. 206124498 Braveheart School Incursion We teach the kids some basic moves in a short space of time 206125263 Braveheart School Incursion With small groups we can accomplish a lot in a short space of time 206125264 Group photos We can have fun as well as being serious! 206125265 School Incursion Patricks Road State School Feb 2020. 129 Kids had a lot of fun! 206125266 Adult photo Even the adult classes have fun! 206125267 Couldn?t resist When batgirl shows up the instructors couldn?t resist a photo opportunity 206125268 New kids always welcome Always good to see new students at the club! 206125269 Free trial for adults and kids Try before you buy! 206125282 Braveheart Krav Maga Seld defence for the real world 206125283 IKMF Australia camp 2019 Bravehearts represent! 206125284 Fun drills at Adult classes Aggression building at BKH 206125285 Successful gradings Our first J and K proud of these guys! 206125286 Meet IKMF Superstars Fantastic to spend a few days with Martijn Bos. 206125287